Mt Isa Medical Centre’s services encompass an expansive range of healthcare needs, from general practice to specialist treatments.

GP Services

Consult one of our GPs for a quick diagnosis of everyday ailments such as coughs, colds, fever, aches and pains and more thorough checks should you need one. Our GPs will be able to advise suitable action and prescribe the most appropriate medication.

Kids Immunisations and Healthcare

We conduct health checks at 6-8 weeks, and childhood immunisations for babies aged 2 months to toddlers aged 4 years, in accordance with the Australian Immunisation Program Schedule. This covers tetanus, hepatitis, measles, etc. We also do checks at 4 years of age, and monitor healthy growth and development.

Travel Vaccinations 

Before you go on holiday, make sure you are protected from unnecessary illness and infectious diseases. Our general medical practitioners administer travel vaccinations for any destination in the world, covering vaccinations like typhoid fever, cholera, Hepatitis A and B.

Health checks

We conduct these essential health checks:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders every 9 months,
  • 45-49 year olds
  • Over 75 year olds (annually)
  • Pre-employment and periodic checks for mining and related industry workers
  • Occupational health - managing work-related injuries and compensation
  • Drivers licence medicals, checks for dangerous goods drivers licence

Skin Checks 

Skin checks are crucial to determine the severity of moles and sun spots, or to detect presence of skin cancers. We perform skin cancer surgery to remove or control skin cancer growths, and also the removal of suspicious lesions.

Contraception/Family Planning

Get advice from your GP regarding suitable methods of contraception. Depending on your circumstances, we can offer

  • the pill, diaphragm or the vaginal ring
  • Insertion and removal of Implanon or Mirena
  • Depo Provera injections

Should you wish to conceive, we can offer advice on correctly stopping the use of contraceptives, and pre-pregnancy counselling.

In the unlikely event of contraceptive failure, our GPs offer guidance, counselling and advice that helps with navigating through unplanned pregnancies.

Women’s Health

This covers vaginal and pelvic infection treatment, obstetrics with complete antenatal care, mammograms, peri-menopausal preparation and ThinPrep cervical pap smears as well as the cervical cancer vaccination Gardasil.

Men’s’ Health

We conduct the necessary prostate checks to detect and control prostate cancer, testicular checks, testosterone checks and testosterone replacement therapy (topical & injectable).

GP Management Care Plans

For those with chronic (longstanding - more than 6 months) illnesses, our general medical practitioners can devise plans that help with the best management of symptoms and treatments, and provide access to a range of allied health services. A GP management care plan is essential for those with illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and asthma.


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